At Erik-Anders.


As you might have read in another post here on the blog, I had the opportunity to visit Erik-Anders, an old farmhouse in Asta, Hälsingland this summer.


The interior is from 1850 – 1940, you kind of travel through time when walking from one room to another. The houses are famous for their painted wall decorations from the 1800-th century (very typical for Hälsningland) but the later interior is what most cought my eye.


In almost every room you could find a ‘gräskrona’, an ornament made of grass to hang in the roof, just for decoration. I’ve been planning to make one of those for years, I just have to remember it in time next summer (around midsummer is apparently the best time to harvest the grass…) Anyway, I really recommend a visit to Erik-Anders if you want to see a beautiful part of the cultural heritage in Sweden, or just to enjoy a good fika in a beautiful garden.

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