Peep into our studio.

Peep into our studio, this small little space a bit hidden but actually in the middle of the city. It is somewhat of a miracle that we fit everything here, since it is also houses our stock of products (well sometimes it’s not the prettiest sight, but it works). We also have one deskspace each, one small table where we pack all of our orders, and not to forget, the never ending stock of silk paper, stickers and tape,  necessary when you send boxes with precious things all over the world!

Autumn colors.


No doubt of the beauty of this season, not at all. Makes me long for walks in the forest.
And with autumn, coming autumn products. Our knitted caps/beanies to be exact! If everything goes according to plan, we will have them in stock early next week. We are so excited! Winter can come aswell, we are all stacked up to meet the demand!

Sweet dreams.

If you are searching for home deco inspiration the real estate agency Alvhem based in Gothenburg is the place to look. Their website is stacked with pictures of homes for sale but they also have an archive of pictures from sold ones. A real treasure if you want to go inspiration-hunting, since their styled apartments often are do die for! Last week the stylist duo Heyman/Backlund used some of our things in their lovely styling of an apartment for sale. You just want to move in right away!

Hello Malmö!

Malmö is kind of a favourite town of mine. The closeness to Europe, the Berlin feeling and the not so uptight attitude are all cliché reasons, but also so true.
Did you know that you can find RioRio products in two of Malmös finest shops? A new retailer of ours is Form/Design Center, with both a great shop and great exhibitions in the design area. You can find it at Lilla Torg in Malmö centre. And a true pearl is the little shop Formfröken, Helmfeltsgatan 1. Angelica, who owns the shop, has a handpicked range of products, both new and vintage ones. Surely worth a visit if you have missed it!

Fika time.


It ain’t a secret that we do love the daily fika. Me, Sofia, would probably die if we didn’t take that cup of coffee at about 10 o’clock every morning. Tired and not too happy without it, is somewhat of an understatement…


Look at our new collection of tea towels, looking just so pretty next to that cup of black strong coffee. Hopefully the tea towels will be in stock in october!