At Erik-Anders.


As you might have read in another post here on the blog, I had the opportunity to visit Erik-Anders, an old farmhouse in Asta, Hälsingland this summer.


The interior is from 1850 – 1940, you kind of travel through time when walking from one room to another. The houses are famous for their painted wall decorations from the 1800-th century (very typical for Hälsningland) but the later interior is what most cought my eye.


In almost every room you could find a ‘gräskrona’, an ornament made of grass to hang in the roof, just for decoration. I’ve been planning to make one of those for years, I just have to remember it in time next summer (around midsummer is apparently the best time to harvest the grass…) Anyway, I really recommend a visit to Erik-Anders if you want to see a beautiful part of the cultural heritage in Sweden, or just to enjoy a good fika in a beautiful garden.

A few from Formex.


So we’re back from Formex, puh! A whole weeks intense work is behind us. But we had so much fun, met a lot of nice shopowners and other exhibitors.


It was so much fun showing of our new things. They are very special to us this time, since we really (I mean really!) did them only on our own hunch. Without thinking about what anyone else would think.


And luckily it came out really good. We are happy to say you will find RioRio things in a lot of new shops soon. And for you who asked about the caps/beanies! They will be in stock in octber, just perfect in time for the chilly weather. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know!

Just a sneakpeak.

IMG_0504 IMG_0530

Finally, we can show you a sneak peak of some of our new items for autumn! It includes new patterns, good old classics and also totally new products. In just a week we will present them at the Formex fair, and then we will show you more! We are sooo pleased with the result, and we hope you will like it too.

A postcard from Maria.

RioRio RioRio RioRio

We have had such a warm and great summer so far. These past few days the temperature has been above 30°C. I have spent most of my summer days by the water. Been swimming and enjoyed the sun and last week we went out on our sailboat a few days. Total relaxation.

I have also finally managed to visit a park that I’ve thought about visiting for years. It is located very close to our holiday home but we have not managed to visit anyway. The park  is named Kinaparken (the China Park) and is, just as the name suggests, a Chinese park. Filled with Asian trees and Chinese pavilions, it feels like coming to another country when you get inside the gates. And the park is located in a valley, in an old limestone quarry, so it’s very quiet and peaceful down there.

A postcard from Sofia.


This summer is treating us well, that’s for sure. Sweet summer days and nights, this is what life is all about! Time to do nothing and time to see new places.

This week I had the opportunity to finally visit Hälsingland, a region a bit north up through the country (a least from where we live, to tell you the truth it isn’t even in the middle of the country! Sweden is quite long!) We saw great rivers and lakes, and endless woods, travelling with the car windows open wide in the heat. The reason for our visit was to see Wij Trädgårdar (the garden of Wij), a great place to see if you are a gardenlover like me! Roses and vegetables everywhere!

We also took the opportunity to visit a Hälsingegård, an old decorated farmhouse that is a bit special for the area. Actually, the Farmhouses of Hälsingland is on the Worlds Heritage List, and the house we visited,Erik-Anders was just magic (and the fika as well). I will try to show you more pictures of the house later on, the interior was something special!

New retailer; Hapel.


One of our latest retailers are a nice webshop, named Hapel, in Norway. This shop mostly sell things for kids but everyone can find something to like! As many other shops Hapel has an instagram feed to get inspired from. If you live in Norway and need a gift for a newborn – this is the shop to visit!