A few from Formex.


So we’re back from Formex, puh! A whole weeks intense work is behind us. But we had so much fun, met a lot of nice shopowners and other exhibitors.


It was so much fun showing of our new things. They are very special to us this time, since we really (I mean really!) did them only on our own hunch. Without thinking about what anyone else would think.


And luckily it came out really good. We are happy to say you will find RioRio things in a lot of new shops soon. And for you who asked about the caps/beanies! They will be in stock in octber, just perfect in time for the chilly weather. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know!



Here’s some snapshots from the café area att Formex, styled and made by the talented Synnöve Mork. In contrast to the big trendzone by the entrance, this area was truly made with the intention to rather remove than add. Every “station” was arranged colorwise, and with both small and bigger objects, all very peaceful and inspiring!

To see more of Synnöve Mork, here’s some pictures from her home in Gotland (just stunning!) and here’s an example of what she made for IKEA.

Hi from Formex!


A quick hello from the Formex fair; dispite sory feets and legs soon falling apart we´ve had a great day here! The morning began on stage, receiving the “prize of the people” at the Formex Formidable contest. We´re so happy for the prize, thank you for voting and cheering, it means just about everything to us.