Colors from instagram.


When inspiration is tight, it may be a good idea to look at photographs of inspiring surroundings. We are going to start provide you with inspiration in the form of color maps from photos that you can find at our account on instagram (@riorio_sweden). Hope you will enjoy it!

Vegetation character.


We know that there isn’t so inspiring and interesting to read about “excuses” that people are busy, but now that is really how it is. Behind the scenes, we have been so busy and because of that our blog suffers. It is sad, however, we hope that we soon can be back with new energy and time!

Until then, we can tell you about our boards on Pinterest. We have a board with a vegetation character. The pictures above are picked from that board. We long for both warmer days and greenery outdoors, but that is a few months away. Until then, we keep the spirits up with the help of inspiring images!

Source: 12345 and 6.



Ljuset och färgerna nu är ju helt otroliga. För en formgivningshjärna är det faktiskt himla inspirerande! Och hösten är ju liksom för alltid förknippad med nystart, nysatsning och att lägga om kursen. Och lite sugna är vi allt på att dyka ner i nya former och färger, att göra nytt. Härliga höst, stanna länge bara!