A few from Formex.


So we’re back from Formex, puh! A whole weeks intense work is behind us. But we had so much fun, met a lot of nice shopowners and other exhibitors.


It was so much fun showing of our new things. They are very special to us this time, since we really (I mean really!) did them only on our own hunch. Without thinking about what anyone else would think.


And luckily it came out really good. We are happy to say you will find RioRio things in a lot of new shops soon. And for you who asked about the caps/beanies! They will be in stock in octber, just perfect in time for the chilly weather. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know!

Just a sneakpeak.

IMG_0504 IMG_0530

Finally, we can show you a sneak peak of some of our new items for autumn! It includes new patterns, good old classics and also totally new products. In just a week we will present them at the Formex fair, and then we will show you more! We are sooo pleased with the result, and we hope you will like it too.

Photoshoot 1 of 3.

RioRio RioRio RioRio

Yesterday we had a photoshoot in Sofias new lovely house. It’s such a luxury to be able to go out in the garden and choose from a lot of different kinds of flowers. Sofia has green fingers so there where plenty to choose from, both indoors and outside. We like to decorate with green plants and flowers in sparkling colors and yesterdays photoshoot were no different. Looking forward to late summer/early fall when we’ll be able to show you the pictures.

Monday mix.

RioRio RioRio RioRio

Monday again and finally May! This week will be full of interesting meetings, and hopefully some deliverences of product samples we’ve been waiting for.. We will also start working with our stand for Formex, this August. Because of course, we will participate again! Lots of things to be done in other words, and time to get started!



Our family of notebooks includes no more than eight different patterns. This one is called Savann, or savanna in english. The spots on the giraffe inspired us in the making, and the name came along with it. And the coloring also feels like the hot sand on a savanna, at least that’s my imagination. Almost everyone of our notebooks in the latest collection came out named after a geographic location, or a word having to do with travelling. It’s weird how it takes you along, the inspiration.

On the move.


Lots of things going on. Me, Sofia, is moving out of my apartment these spring days, New things awaiting! And lots of old things to go through… I have tried to capture some bits and pieces of the home I am leaving now, to keep as memory. This little picture will serve as tuesday inspiration while we’re busy deciding about the autumn patterns.

New week.

RioRio RioRio RioRio

Monday and a new list of things do be done! April is here, and the deadlines are getting closer. Lots and lots of ends to tie, working with the new collection for autumn 2014. Exciting, impossible, funny and difficult; all together at the same time.

Returning light!


Finally! Spring is truly here, with the returning sunlight. Every year it comes as such a surprise, this light. How bright and how beautiful it gets, everywhere. And the best is yet to come, summer! And on top of it all, friday today. Have a sweet weekend!