New week.


Time flies. Monday again and the summer holiday is getting closer. So much to be done before we’re having a well deserved vacation. Lots of loose ends to tie. This week we’re having the first of three photoshoots, a really funny part of our job. Also, this saturday we’re opening our studio again for some shopping, so if you live nearby, please come by and say hello!

Sunny days.

RioRio RioRio

The rain has been pouring down the whole week, but hopefully the weekend will be better. Today we have been trying to welcome the sun and the summer by opening up the doors to our studio and by having some sale on some of the products. The sale is also available in the shop! Wishing you a nice weekend with lots of sunny love!

Congrats to us!


Now it’s two years ago since we decided to team up and start a design studio together, and started RioRio. Just two years ago, I can’t believe it!
So much has happened in these times, we were actually students when starting. So graduating was the first thing we did, and then we headed for the interior fair Formex in Stockholm.
Learning by doing has always been our thing, and rather trying than not. The first year as a company we got a studio in the most beautiful part in Linköping, got several retailers in both Sweden and Europe, and even got an agent i Japan. We were featured in a large numbers of interior magazines and really felt the wind blow in our direction!

When we featured the Formex fair for the second time, our blanket Banjara was nominated for the Formex Formidable prize, which we half a year later won the people-award part of. The same week we were featured in the largest daily newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter. Let’s just say we had a good first month of 2014!

Since starting we’ve met a ton of interesting people, visited a number of meetings, started just about one thousand projects (not all of them finished but anyway), met lovely costumers and learned so much. Exciting to see what this year and the next will bring!

Monday mix.

RioRio RioRio RioRio

Monday again and finally May! This week will be full of interesting meetings, and hopefully some deliverences of product samples we’ve been waiting for.. We will also start working with our stand for Formex, this August. Because of course, we will participate again! Lots of things to be done in other words, and time to get started!



Our family of notebooks includes no more than eight different patterns. This one is called Savann, or savanna in english. The spots on the giraffe inspired us in the making, and the name came along with it. And the coloring also feels like the hot sand on a savanna, at least that’s my imagination. Almost everyone of our notebooks in the latest collection came out named after a geographic location, or a word having to do with travelling. It’s weird how it takes you along, the inspiration.

Happy Easter!


Soon it’s time to start the Easter celebrations. Easter eggs shall be filled with candy, cheeks should be painted red on all children who dress up as Easter witches and a whole lot of eggs will be eaten. It is said that in Sweden we eat as much as 6 million eggs per hour during Easter Eve ..! How many do you eat? Happy Easter to all of you!

New week.

RioRio RioRio RioRio

Monday and a new list of things do be done! April is here, and the deadlines are getting closer. Lots and lots of ends to tie, working with the new collection for autumn 2014. Exciting, impossible, funny and difficult; all together at the same time.

Line up.


It’s finally Friday! Let’s celebrate with an extra cookie with your coffee, a long walk or by sorting out the desk drawer and make extra nice for the weekend. Wish you a good one!